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Do you and your friends like to play board games? Do you love good digital versions of board games that you can simply play together on your mobile phone? Then look forward to couchgames.wtf! All you need is your smartphone and optionally a SmartTV, tablet or PC and the fun can begin!


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Couchgames.wtf Poker App!

What is the most annoying thing about playing live poker with friends? That’s right – the tedious and time-consuming shuffling of cards. With our poker app you can play up to 4x as many hands as if you were playing with real cards. You keep the best of both worlds: Your real physical chips & digital cards on the tablet in the middle of the table and your smartphone. Since the beginning of October 2022, the app has been in open beta status and can be freely downloaded. The app works for Apple devices just as it does for Android devices. Of course, both factions can play together. Crossplay is possible. Click here to download.


Do you want to spice up your party or sit-in? Then play a round of MyLittleSecrets!

No Clue - Party Quizgame
No Clue

- And we think that's a great fit. Because who of us knows how many lifts there are in New York, or how many Rubik's Cube have already been sold in total? It's anyone's guess.

As a player, you enter your guess and then hope to be the closest. But before that, you have to say which player you think is the furthest away from the correct answer!

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There is nothing like spending a sociable and fun evening with friends and playing a variety of exciting games. But sometimes you are not prepared for the whims of your friends. In order to be flexible and spontaneous in the evening entertainment, we have made it our goal to put together the ultimate and barrier-free game collection for you. We want you to spend fun and exciting evenings with couchgamews.wtf and your friends. That’s why we’re creating this gaming platform. By gamers, for gamers.

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