A quiz game!

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There are still far too few of these… we really need to make a trivia game. Sure why not? Ours will be funny, educational, different and of course barrier-free for visually impaired & blind people!

No Clue will be the name of the game. – And we think that’s a great fit. After all, who among us knows how many elevators there are in New York, or how many Rubik’s Cubes have been sold in total? It’s anyone’s guess.

As a player, you enter your guess and then hope to be the closest. But before that, you have to say which player you think is the furthest away from the correct answer!

At the end you get points if you were closest to the correct answer and if you guessed the Fool correctly.

No Clue has been available for free in the app stores since 8/26-21 and will be a digital party game similar to My Little Secerts. So something that you can play with a few friends comfortably at the table or on the couch.

You can find more information about No-Clue here: www.couchgames.wtf/noclue/

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