Couple game evening

Some time ago, a friend who was coming to visit with his girlfriend asked me what we wanted to do for the evening?

Well, first we decided to have dinner together. And afterwards? Let’s play some fun games.

There were four of us and we all like board games. By chance I had bought the game Ubongo in the supermarket a few days before – a super cool Tetris-like puzzle game where you do the puzzle against the other players. Who finishes the puzzle the fastest? I can really recommend the game. Even my game-muffle parents had fun with it.

Afterwards, we moved from the dining table to the couch and made ourselves more comfortable. Then the four of us played MyLittleSecrets! It’s a really fun game about finding out things about your friends that they wouldn’t otherwise tell you so easily! Inspired by the board game “Privacy”, this is a well-implemented digital version that you can play without much effort. One player has to install the app and the others can then simply play along, e.g. via a WhatsApp invitation link in the browser. It’s cool if you also use a smart TV, tablet or laptop, on which the main screen can be displayed with the score and much more. Otherwise, each player only needs a smartphone and the fun can begin:

Everyone receives a prompt with a statement: “I’ve pooped in the forest before”.
You answer in secret on your smartphone whether the statement applies to you or not.
Then you give a guess as to how many other players you think this statement applies to.
The game reveals how many people answered yes – but never who!
You get points if you guess the right number of yeses.
It was a super funny round… at some point it came out that one of the players had secretly hidden some weed at home… ehm yes!
You really don’t need anything more than your smartphones and optionally a main screen.

You can play it here:

Have fun!